Field Staff Application

At Darton Archery, we are 100% committed to building the world’s best archery equipment for hunters and target archers. We are growing our company and want to build the most trusted, authentic Field Staff program that we can. As a sponsored Field Staff shooter you would be representing Darton Archery and your local Darton dealer, and you will be expected to be a positive ambassador of our brand. If you do not have a Darton dealer within 30 miles, you must provide the name of the local archery shop where you either shoot, purchase equipment or have any tech work completed, and be willing to introduce the Darton brand to your local archery shop.


What We Are Looking For

We are looking for highly motivated individuals or companies with active social media engagement, tv shows, podcasts, video channels, industry retail employees, guides, and outfitters… to help promote the Darton Archery brand.

What We Expect From You

We expect a lot from our shooters, just as they expect a lot from us. Here are a few of the core activities we ask of our team:


  • Always tag Darton Archery and your local Darton dealer on Facebook posts and use #dartonarchery and @dartonarchery in Instagram photos.

  • Use and promote our products year-round in an authentic way, not as salesmen but as true users.

  • Give useful product feedback so we can continually improve our products.

  • Attend and assist at industry events, archery shoots, product expos, etc., specifically for representing your local Darton dealer.  You will be expected to assist with events at your Darton dealers shop when requested.

  • Scout out and notify us of opportunities for Darton Archery to continue to grow as a brand.


What To Expect From Us

We love taking care of our shooters. As a brand, we commit to the following:


  • Repost and direct traffic to our team members content and businesses to mutually promote each other

  • Feature shooters in email blasts, social posts, on our website, and more

  • Grow our team members personal brands through our industry connections


Are you up for the challenge? Do you feel you have what it takes to become a Darton Shooter? Fill out the application below and we’ll evaluate and be in touch with you shortly! By submitting this application you agree to adhere to the requirements listed above.