Dealer Application

Darton Archery appoints dealers whose function is to sell Darton Performance Archery Equipment in the retail archery market at locations approved by Darton.  We will sell our archery products only to those dealers who meet the ATA Standards for Legitimate Archery Dealers and maintain an adequate inventory of Darton products.  The A.T.A. Dealer Council submits the following requirements:

  1. Must have a re-sale tax certificate/license, and it must be current and available on demand with supplier.
  2. Must have signage with a minimum of eight (8) square feet visible on operations building, or consistent with local ordinances.
  3. Must have posted regular business hours.
  4. Must be listed in the Yellow Pages under related heading, i.e., Sporting Goods; Archery; Indoor Range, etc.
  5. Must be conducting a legal business according to local zoning laws.