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Taking the successful Tempest E T design and focusing on more performance, the limb lengths are shorter resulting in a lower brace height and an increased power stroke at all draw lengths, and the draw cycle has been modified for a more aggressive draw cycle. This has produced more stored energy and better performance while retaining most of the shooting attributes of the Tempest E T. These changes have also made this bow better suited for the shorter draw archer that wants to shoot a Tempest. The bow will live up to all of your expectations.

            • ALL new Riser Design
            • 7075 T-6511 Pre Stretched and Pre Stressed Riser! (little to NO Riser Flex)
            • 7075 Cams
            • 1/4" Axles
            • 5/8" Bearings
            • .790 Limbs and Limb Pockets (Add Stability)
            • New grip angle



Speed: 320-325 FPS | Axle to Axle: 36: | Brace Height: 6 1/2"
Mass Weight: 5.1 lbs. | Draw Lengths: 25" - 30"
Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs. | Let-Off: 85% (adjustable)




Reviews (2)

2022 Tempest 3D

Written by Heith on Oct 31st 2021

Extremely happy with the bow. Very impressed. I bought the bow for 3d and was able to set it up and take it to a 3D tournament 3 days after receiving it. I went through 5 bows this year because i was just playing around and updating my arsenal. looking for a new 3D hunting cross over and newindoor bow. This was the last and 6th purchase. (Prime Black 5, PSE Evo NTN, Hoyt Ventum 33, TRX 38, Encore). After seeing bow up I tend to like having shot offs between the bows. I usually do a 20 yard Vegas round a day over a few days to get a idea on how well a bow and i mate. Until i got this bow the TRX was undefeated in the indoor challenge. After dialing in this bow, the TRX even using larger arrows has not beat this bow. That’s right, using skinny 3D arrows this bow has won every round. The bow is extremely forgiving and so is the TRX. But it always finishes on top even with the arrow size handicap. I’ve actually chose this 3D 36” Bow to shoot our indoor Vegas league about to start. I just plain shoot it better even after a year behind the TRX. 2 months ago I would have thought i found my indoor set up and now I’m probably going to get another longer Tempest for indoor and sell everything else. The only thing i did to modify it and make it more personal was, using heat molding plastic ( the kind you drop in boiling water) and made a slightly more taper grip to shelf transition. That area was a little too sharp for me stock but now it’s my favorite grip ever. I really like between the string stops and limb stop how you can dial in your exact let off and draw length. So my take away is. If you really want one bow that can do everything. I mean, not just do everything like a Jack of all trades master of none. But do it all as good as the best master of one. It will out west hunt as good as any western rig. It will 3D as good as anything on the market, and it literally shoots as well indoor as any market leader. Also thank you to customer service for the last minute limb swap color change.

Tempest e-3d

Written by Peter on Aug 1st 2021

Best eccentrics yet, just an excellent shooting bow.Tuning was simple. This one is a keeper, and I usually dont keep em... Now make one with the exact same specs but change the limb angle a bit so the limbs are not so pre-stressed

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